Coming Soon 

Pain Relieving Salve (Wild Lettuce) - Proven to decrease pain topically. 

 Toothpaste - Handmade Tooth Paste not containing any harsh chemicals or additives. 

Hand Cream - Calendula infused Hand Cream to fix dry cracking, irritated, or itchy skin. 

Meet the Herd 

This is Nova a 4-year-old Alpine/Nigerian dwarf. Currently pregnant. 

This is Chelsea, a 5-year-old Alpina/Nubian. This year is her 3rd freshening. 

This is Dotty, she is the daughter of Chelsea. She is a 3-Year-old Alpina with a little Nubian. This year is her first freshening.  

This is Renea, a 4-year-old

Alpina/Saanan. This year is

her 2nd freshening.