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Chelsey Cherry
a year ago

I was able to get some of the cream for Eczema, burns, ETC. I burned my arm pretty bad cooking Pizza for my kiddos and seared my arm on the oven door. The cream IMMEDIATELY took the burn away. My skin is intact and not blistered and dry. SOOO much better than other burn creams. Also, i have been sick and have a narley fever blister and IT HAS HELPED THE BLISTER TOO. I havent had the opportunity to try it out on my families eczema, but i am super excited to see how amazing it works! The owners mother works with me and was super sweet in allowing me to try it out. AMAZING PRODUCT would recommend to everyone!

a year ago

Great products :) I definitely recommend the Pain Relieving Salve (Wild Lettuce) - it works wonders!

Dean Gaertner
a year ago

I have used the soap and lotion while showering . It is unreal how they treat dry cracked skin. Awesome products. Also try their shampoo and shave bars